Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meemaw update

I wanted to do a small update on my grandmother because I said I would. They still aren't sure what's wrong, but they think it's something electrical in the heart. Apparently, this is good news since there are no blockages or growths. She'll likely be stuck in the hospital until the end of the week. Grey and I are going up there tonight to check on her some more, and if she's released Friday or Saturday, I may spend some time with her at her home in Muskogee over the weekend.

It was really strange to see her in the hospital with her hair deflated, her body covered in tubes and monitors, and looking smaller than I'd ever thought before. She's in great spirits, though, and is every bit the firecracker she ever was. I promised the story behind why I call her Meemaw, so I shall now deliver. I was the first grandchild born on my dad's side of the family, so my parents asked what she wanted to be called. She chose Meemaw, I guess because it was different. I remained the only kid until my cousin Nathan was born four years later. He called her Grandma, as has every other child born into the family -- five, including him. The only other kiddos who don't call her Grandma are my twin cousins who are related to us by marriage. They just call her Margaret. There are few things sillier than hearing a grown woman talking about her Meemaw, especially when her 10-year-old sister and 13-year-old brother use the name Grandma. I guess I've always been the odd one out. :)


Hollyrocks said...

I was trying to comment on your last Meemaw post, but an error kept occurring. I wanted to say that I hope your Grandma has a quick recovery and gets to go home soon. You're such a sweetheart to keep checking on her, I'm sure that your smilin' face cheers her right up. Get well soon, Meemaw (I love the story, by the way)!

Heather said...

Good to hear that you've had some good news, hope she gets to come home soon. Hehe, you may have a Meemaw, but I have a "Little Granny." Hehe, ah, the names we call our loved ones ;)

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