Monday, April 20, 2009

Grow, baby, grow!

Things have mostly calmed down in my corner now. My grandmother went home on Saturday and says she's feeling better. She reassured me that she went first off to get her hair done. :)

I took advantage of a stress-free and planless weekend by hitting the Cherry Street Farmers' Market on Saturday, where I bought spinach from Bootstrap Farm, handmade soap, and snapdragons. I intended to do marigolds as my sole flower in the container garden, but I couldn't turn down snapdragons, which instantly evoke images of childhood for me. On Sunday, we went out to Southwood Landscape & Nursery to get supplies to finish putting in my container garden. We got three pots, Southwood's own soil mixture, a tiny strawberry plant, a small tomato trellis, and three kinds of seeds. Before and after The Amazing Race, I finished. Check it out:

Here's the whole garden! It's little but mighty.

The first pot contains a nice sturdy patio tomato plant. The little pouf of leaves in front is what will hopefully grow to be a strong, fruitful everbearing strawberry plant. In the "empty" spaces on the left and right are a few leaf lettuce seeds.

In the second pot, we have gorgeous, hot-pink snapdragons in the foreground. Behind them is a young grape tomato plant and its pretty trellis.

In the last pot is flat-leaf parsley and Genovese basil (like I could resist the Italian name!). In the blank foreground shall grow delicious radishes and little Italian carrots from seeds.

Ta-da! These photos were taken around 8:20 this morning, so the sun hadn't yet reached its full shine. My south-facing patio should get plenty of sunlight to make these little guys grow!


Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

Oh, so sweet. I wish my garden looked like that. My husband always wants this monsterous thing at the edge of one of our fields. Ugghh. Can't wait to see the strawberries.


Natasha said...

Brigid, I love your mighty garden! I especially love the containers you picked - those came from Southwood, huh? I might have to skip over there and snag some for myself.

How did you like the Bootstrap spinach? I love to put it in omelets and use it to make Spinach Parmesan. Yums.

Hollyrocks said...

Good job, Brigid!! Everything looks really nice, you have great taste in plants. I'm coming over to your place in a few months to grub on some homegrown veggies!

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