Monday, July 20, 2009


My grandmother went back into the hospital on Saturday. She's experiencing more symptoms of congestive heart failure -- swelling, rapid heartbeat/low blood pressure. She has an appointment with a kidney specialist tomorrow, but since she's in the hospital, that may have to be postponed. I just hope they actually figure out what's ailing her. Medication for symptoms is fine, but that isn't enough.

Any good vibes you all can send her way would be greatly appreciated. She's a singular, wonderful lady with a positive attitude.


Hollyrocks said...

*Good vibes for Grandma*

Are you doing okay? I know how tough it is to have an ailing grandma. Mine gave me a scare a few months ago, but she's doing great now.

Renee said...

Oh no! I hope they are able to figure out a solution and get her better very soon! Be sure to keep us updated.

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