Thursday, July 9, 2009

'Twas a dark and stormy day

The past two days, I have been basking in the a.m. storms. Aww, finally some relief! Of course, it will all be short-lived as the triple-digit temperatures return to us shortly.

I just wanted to share a couple of shots I got last week when the clouds rolled in. Weren't they insane?

This all happened while I was driving to work. Here's what it looked like above my building:

It all looked ripply and strange and wonderful. I have three windows in my office, and I love watching the sky when rain is falling. The roof glistens, the air become electric, and I just feel soothed. Yesterday I flipped off the lights in my office and enjoyed a bit of darkness. . .while typing away on my computer. Not quite the solitude I'd like, but it was better than nothing.

So until the sun peers out from behind the clouds again, I'm going to enjoy these little drops of heaven.


SheezKrafty said...

Those were some of the coolest clouds I had seen in a long time! Amazing!

Renee said...

Those pictures turned out great! I have one huge window in front of my desk and it is just so lovely when it's raining. Loves it!

Hollyrocks said...

That was a very nifty post, Brigid. The pictures are gorgeous and your words are like butter. :-)

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