Friday, July 24, 2009


I remembered to do my thankful post yesterday, but honestly I wasn't in the mood. I already mentioned that my grandmother went back to the hospital on Saturday. By Tuesday, they released, still with no good idea of what was actually causing her heart arrythmia. She called to let me know she was home, but I missed the call because I was at the movies. I decided to wait until Wednesday to call again. When I did, I only got the answering machine. I spoke to my dad shortly thereafter and mentioned that I'd left a message, guessing she was taking a nap. Two hours later, I get another call from my dad informing me that my grandmother is back in the hospital. Apparently she had fallen and injured herself -- nothing major, but still -- shortly after getting home from the hospital. She didn't tell any of us, though. Then the next day, she awoke feeling very ill. She called her daughter (my aunt) who lives a thousand miles away but refused to call my dad because he was supposed to close on his house that day. My aunt called my grandmother's doctor, and he said it sounded like she was having an allergic reaction to her beta blocker. Finally my aunt convinced her to go to the hospital. Instead of calling any of us, she had her neighbor drive her. The only reason we found out is because my dad called her cell phone and finally got through to her. My aunt didn't even bother to call anyone! So she's in town in the hospital again. I haven't called or visited because I'm so frustrated and, truthfully, hurt and angry. I know she hates to be a burden, but she isn't. My feelings are hurt that she didn't think she could call me for help. I'm also annoyed that nobody is doing enough, and my grandmother is just fine with that. She seems to care more about being home than being well. I'm not sure how many more times I can visit her in the hospital without exploding. We don't have the kind of relationship where I tell her exactly what's on my mind. That isn't how that side of the family works.

Today, I'm trying to calm down. It feels petty to be angry at them right now, but I still am. However, I am in a good enough frame of mind to post three things today:

1. Reading fiction. I've been thoroughly enjoying 1491, all about the pre-Columbian native population in North and South America. However, it's nice to have a break once in a while from the non-fiction. Grey and I have decided to try reading some novels together. Our first pick is The Road by Cormac McCarthy. So far, I really like it.

2. Embroidery. I know I'm just learning, but I love it. Seriously. It's so much fun. I have more projects to share with you soon.

3. Travel guides. Grey and I recently picked up two new Italy books (Lonely Planet and Let's Go) and a guide to Europe (Let's Go, I believe). I can't stop perusing and dreaming of a vacation far, far away. Maybe next summer? We'll see.

So help cheer me out of my funk. What are you thankful for today?


Jemellia said...

I find embroidery to be quite therapeutic, which could really help you.

MJ's Jewelry said...

I agree embroidery is very therapeutic.
I am thankful today that there are people in this world willing to help. These said people stop to leaned a hand in time of need. I would like to consider myself one of those people.

jenthegreat said...

1) Gracie. Everything is brighter, happier, and more vibrant because she is in my life.

2) Carlos. He makes me laugh, think, and feel more than I ever did before.

3) My family. They are flawed, to be sure...but they are always there for me.

4) My friends. A motley crew, and I love them for their kindness, generosity, intellect, and diversity.

5) Summers off. :) I need the down time, and I love having it to spend with Grace.

6) My car. That sounds shallow...but my life would be so much harder with out it in a city with no mass transit.

7) Water. I love to watch it, swim in it, hear it...I could never live in the desert.

8) Choices. While they are sometimes overwhelming in number, I am thankful to have more than one thing/path from which to choose.

9) Cookies. :D

10) Sleep. You'd never know it, though. *L*

Thanks for this opportunity to count my blessings. :)

Hollyrocks said...

Aw, Brigid! That does sound frustrating. When my grandmother was so sick recently, my dad really had to take charge and make sure she was getting the proper care. She was pissed because it landed her in the hospital and she too was more concerned with being home than being well. But she finally started listening to the doctors and she's been home for a few months straight now. When she was in the hospital, she appreciated every visitor but also made sure to inform them that it wasn't necessary for them to show up. I think they just get embarrassed when they really need to start asking for the help of the ones they love.

I'm thankful for Midol and my wonderful, nurturing, boyfriend who makes me hot tea when my head hurts and my stomach's upset. Man he is awesome.

momof3girls said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I don't know what it is about that age group - I believe it might be a fear of having to give up their indepeundence that keeps them from reaching out. My grandmother is the same way! I suggest taking lots of deep breathes! very deep breathes!

On another note I am glad to hear that you and Greg picked up some travel books!!! Yeah!!

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