Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Yep, that's right -- I'm actually doing this post on a Thursday. It's a miracle. So here are my three:

1. Internet radio. It makes this week's mundane, repetitive tasks a lot more bearable.

2. Braum's. I can already feel an afternoon need for a chocolate shake coming on. Luckily there's never a Braum's too far away in this town. Those of you who don't live in Oklahoma are missing out!

3. Whole Foods deli. It makes bringing my lunch a lot easier and less boring. On the menu this week was zucchini corn cakes and grilled asparagus. Yum! (However, see #2 for how I will run out and sabotage my efforts momentarily.)

I must have food on the brain. :)

1 comment:

[Tara] said...

I agree with you about Whole Foods deli!! So much yummy stuff, but then I can't quite seem to bypass the sweets they make there....

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