Friday, July 10, 2009

Thankful Friday

I've been in a bit of a haze this week and totally forgot to do my thankful post yesterday. Goodness! Here is what I'm thankful for today:

1. Friday lunches. I meet my taller half for lunch every Friday. I generally park outside his building, and we walk to one of the many wonderful downtown establishments. Every so often I'll pick him up and drive us somewhere, but we generally stay downtown. My current favorites are Elote, Dilly Deli and Tabouli's (what I'm craving at the moment). It's so nice to have a standing tradition with the one I love every week. It makes the day a little brighter, too.

2. Work I believe in. Nobody loves their jobs every day, and I'm no exception. Some aspects of the grind are boring or frustrating, but I always know that I'm working towards a good cause. My position helps fund the good work done by my agency. I'll take it.

3. Cane-sugar cola. I love soda pop. I love the fizziness, the sweetness, the way it quenches your thirst. As a woman with GERD, I also love how it settles my stomach. However, I don't love incredibly processed, chemical-laden foods either, so I've been cutting artificial sweeteners from my diet. This tends to lessen the flutteries in my chest I get occasionally due to my heart murmur. This generally leaves you with regular soda, but I am cutting out high fructose corn syrup, too. There are a million reasons not to consume this stuff, but the one that has gotten me lately is that some of it contains mercury. I don't eat fish (or any other animals), so there's no reason for my diet to contain mercury. As a young lady who hopes to have children sometime in the near future, too, I find it best to avoid the stuff altogether. Luckily, there are lots of tasty alternatives made with real sugar. My favorite is Jones, but I've also enjoyed Virgil's and Boylan's creme soda lately. Yummy!

Speaking of which, what do you call the fizzy stuff: soda or pop (or something else)? Despite my Oklahoma upbringing, I almost exclusively say soda.


Funkybella said...

Do they say pop here?
The west coast is pretty split on the issue; I grew up mainly in NorCal, where it is soda. I believe OR and WA were pop, and remember getting made fun of.

I alwas love reading your Thankful Thursday posts. :)

Sandy said...

Hi Brigid...good for you in your quest to give up soft drinks. Here is an article that is quite upfront about what drinking a coke will do to your body within one hour.....a real eye opener. Sandy

[Tara] said...

Happy Friday! Growing up, I always said 'pop.' But as I moved and lived in other places, I became self-conscious about it and started saying 'soda.' Now, I kinda wish I hadn't stopped -- I love these particular little regional language quirks! I love Elote's and Dilly Deli, too! What is Tabouli's?? I haven't heard of it!?

MJ's Jewelry said...

Growing up in Kentucky you were made fun of if you said "soda". Pop is just as common here as "ain't". :-)

Happy Friday!

Rheea said...

I give thanks to everything/ everyone before I go to bed every night but you actually have a 'Thankful post', how sweet!


Hollyrocks said...

In the NEAR future, huh? You're gonna be next, I'm calling it right now!!!

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