Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween fun!

We did things a little backward this Halloween. We dressed up and went out Friday night and then stayed in on Saturday. We're just a couple of laid back fools, so our low-key approach suited us well. Friday night, we suited up after work and headed to Gardner's Used Books for a Vincent Price movie night with some fellow non-partiers. The first film was The Last Man on Earth, which was accidentally silly. We were both too tired to stay for the second, which was the much better The House on Haunted Hill. In between movies, they gave out prizes for the costume contest. Though I thought we were the cutest and cleverest, we did not win.

Oh yes, the costumes. We both have a strong policy against anything slutty or obvious, so we decided to go as Audrey Horne and Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks. Did anyone recognize us? No, but we had a blast. Here's the pair in question, for reference.

Here's me in my full Audrey get-up. (I apologize in advance for the cell phone pictures. I left my good camera at work.)

My sweater, skirt and shoes all came from Goodwill. I think the total was about $15. I am wearing the top again today! I was going for authenticity, so I curled up my hair and drew on my mole.

My love was a truly dapper Agent Cooper. His blazer and white shirt were also Goodwill steals for $18 total. Everything else was his already.

He carried a coffee mug, which he then used at Gardner's.

Here we are happily in love before the first movie started.

The people in front of us said we looked great. When we told them who we were, the woman said, "You're not old enough to remember that show!" I replied, "I'm not, but he is," which incited much giggling. Our choice of characters may have been a self-depricating reference to our age difference. After we left, I declared that I needed a snack, which led us to IHOP. I proceeded to eat a "snack" of two pumpkin pancakes, two scrambled eggs, and a mountain of hashbrowns. Then I felt wistful.

The following day, actual Halloween, was mostly spent celebrating my baby sister's 11th birthday at my dad's new house. I can't believe little Sarah is 11! Here I am with the birthday girl -- nay, young lady.

Afterward, we spent the evening gorging on chocolate (not a single trick-or-treater came) and watching The Wicker Man and Peeping Tom (during which I may have fallen asleep). I hope your Halloween celebrations were as fun and wholesome as ours!


Kate said...

Love the costumes!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of you with your sister!

Robin Thomas said...

SO cute.

Do you think it is funny that my word verification is: wideone?

Heather said...

hehe! what a fun halloween! Grey looks very gangster ;)

Holly said...

You and Grey are so cute! Those costumes are awesome, even though I'm afraid that I missed the "Twin Peaks" boat as well. I love that you guys don't take the age difference too seriously. It's not even obvious to me, because you're seriously the most perfectly matched couple I've ever met.

Happy Birthday to your little sis! She's so precious.

Sandy said...

Brigid... loved the pics. You are so pretty and look so much like your mother at that age. You may wonder how I know. I was your auntie Kate's best buddy in school. We spent all our time (when we weren't in school) at either the ice rink or at your Grandma Donna's house in Tulsa. I love reading your a way, almost like a blast from the past. Sandy Maberly (formerly Center)

Adrian said...

I love this so much. Seriously, so much! Miss Audrey Horne and her "Special" Agent Cooper :)
Twin Peaks is the best!

Tasha said...

You're going to have to take me to Goodwill sometime. I'm such a dunce at shopping there, and you pulled it off so perfectly.

Vegan Epicurean said...

Great costumes! You really pulled off Audrey Horne and Agent Cooper.

We didn't have any trick-or-treaters either. I think the last time we had one was about 10 years ago. I don't think kids go door-to-door much any more.


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