Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday, Thanksgiving-style

I'm sending another Thankful Thursday your way ... FROM THE FUTURE! Yeah yeah, I guess it's actually from the past since I wrote this before the day you'll actually read it, but FROM THE FUTURE! sounds so much cooler than FROM THE PAST. Anyway, here is what I"m thankful for this Thanksgiving Day:

1. Time with someone else's family. Is that bad? Thanksgiving has always been a stressor in my life due in part to having divorced parents and then attending college far, far away. I'm enjoying spending time with my taller half's loved ones this year.

2. Long weekends. I'm enjoying three days of vacation thanks to the holiday and one day of annual leave. Did the printed materials I ordered for work arrive safely yesterday? I don't care! I'm on vacation!

3. Having someone to share all my holidays with. I love you, baby, and I'm always thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Robin Thomas said...

You two have something so special. I love reading your Facebook posts to each other. You seem like a hand a glove.

Anonymous said...

Baby, you make me so happy. We'll rack up those holidays together. I love you!

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