Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jingle Bash Recap #1

Mom and I had a wonderful time at Jingle Bash. It was unbelievably crowded when we arrived at straight-up 1:00 that we decided to grab lunch before heading in. Neither of us know Dallas well, but we soon determined that the area surrounding the show -- Deep Ellum -- had lots of food offerings. We selected Lemongrass. The food was tasty, but the service was iffy. We ended up waiting more than 15 minutes to order because the waiter struck up a conversation with one of the three other tables there for 10 minutes or more. Not cool, dude.

Anyway, after we finished eating, we made the short drive back to the Sons of Hermann Hall. The place was packed! We each did our part to support handmade this year by buying a few gifts for others and plenty for ourselves, too. I'm going to unleash it on you in small doses. First up is my new purse from the wonderful Rachel Elise. Have I mentioned I'm really into trees lately?

Check out the lovely lining (and proof that I've already put it to use).

Seriously, the tree is just precious.

Next up is my new headband from Enju.

She explained that the embellishment is all-natural, Texas-grown cotton that she hand-dyed. Neat, huh? Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without a silly picture of me modeling the headband, now would it?

And now we have my cute new cardigan embellished by Midnight Snack.

It's partly sunny on my chest today! Wait, does that sound weird? Probably not as weird as I actually am.

I'll send some more your way after I return from Louisiana!


Holly said...

You are one of the most travelin' chicks I know! You're all over the place, girl! It sounds like fun though. And I'm loving your loot from Jinglebash. Your pictures always make me smile, you silly thang.

Heather said...

you got some great treasures! I saw those headbands at girlie show, they are TOO cute! unfortunately, I'd spent all my money by the time I got to her.... lol!
happy thanksgiving!~

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