Friday, November 20, 2009

My Jingle Jangle Weekend

I'm headed down to the exciting, bustling metropolis of Durant, Oklahoma this weekend to visit my mother. While there, we are going to the EtsyDallas Jingle Bash. I'm really excited to get my crafty shopping on. Mom and I had planned to do so at The Girlie Show, but dual migraines kept us in T-Town. This will be our make-up shopping session.

If any of you are already fans of Harrilu (I sure am!), then check out today's post. Wear any Harrilu shirt, dress, skirt or tunic to the show to receive up to 20% off your purchase! I guess I'll be rethinking my Jingle Bash attire to save a little green.

I hope to see some of you there!


Heather said...

have a great trip and a great time!!

Holly said...

I hope you ladies have a great time! Is Grey seriously going to let you out of his sight now that he knows how desirable you are to other men? ;-)~

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