Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

A migraine kept me away from The Girlie Show this weekend. I cannot adequately express my disappointment. Mom and I had big plans to knock out some holiday shopping, but it was not meant to be since we were both afflicted by the same head pain. We did venture out to the Garden Deva Open Studio Tour on Friday evening for a bit, where I bought some lovelies (pictures to come).

Generally a weekend full of migraine pain is a pretty miserable one. However, my taller half and I made do with what we had. Our disc that allows us to stream Netflix "watch instantly" movies through our PlayStation 3 arrived, so we tore through a few things to test it out. We watched the first season of the British The Office and Frozen River. We also enjoyed Sunshine Cleaning on disc. I also knitted. Oh, did I knit. I am almost finished with a scarf for my sister and a hat for my, well, someone else. (I have yet to decide whose head is worthy of such a lovely hat.) I also made a fleece scarf, which I hope to show you all later this week.

On Sunday, I met with the gals of the Tulsa Craft Mafia about our show on Saturday. What show, you ask? This one:

Come out and see us!

What did you do this warm weekend?

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Robin Thomas said...

I went to the Girlie Show for you. You are welcome.

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