Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mostly finished hat

I showed pictures last week of a hat I was working on. I am 95% finished with it, so I had to share. Ta da!
Here it is on my head. I probably should have made it a little longer, but this works, too.

The incomplete 5% is the little hole at the top. I'm not sure the "right" way to sew it up, so I need to investigate.

It's soft, colorful and my new best friend. I'm already working on another one to give away as a Christmas gift. Hurray!


Robin Thomas said...

You are so funny. That hole in the top is for your cowlick.

Tasha said...

"That hole in the top is for your cowlick." I am so glad I was alone when I read that and burst out laughing. I'm not pretty when I burst out laughing. It's kind of an ugly ordeal - even worse than stress crying. UGH. LEE.

Noro! Am I right? Noro!

momof3girls said...

so cute - you did a great job- I am so impressed!!!

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