Monday, March 23, 2009

Swaptastic weekend

Swap-O-Rama-Rama couldn't have been more fun! (Well, maybe if my migraine had gone away . . .) We had an amazing turn-out, much talent was on display, and we're all looking forward to doing it again next year. Here are some photographic highlights:

First, there were large piles of great clothing, fabrics, and notions to peruse. By the end, there was so much to choose from that the floor was stacked high, too!
Then they got to work cutting, pinning, and envisioning their amazing creations.

People sewed up a storm! The six machines were constantly full.

Tara decided that Holly and I would be her Barbie dolls. Here I am modeling a houndstooth dress embellished with tulle.

Ahh! Wonderful, wonderful tulle.

Doesn't gorgeous Miss Holly look terrific in the button-up-shirt-turned-vest?

By the end, we were all ready for a nap. :)
I didn't make anything during the swap, but I did score two button-up shirts to transform, I think, into little dress-tunic things. I'm excited to try that out. I also grabbed a skirt in a fun print and a big blue crinoline. Woo hoo! I did throw together a skirt using an old pair of jeans and a pillowcase for my media appearances. I will share it with you now.
Thar's the front. Since I'm not a great seamstress and I have no patience for cutting anything straight, I embraced the theme of "deconstruction." :) I added a ribbon to wear around my waist the day of SORR.

This is the back. The weird bunching on the left is a place where the denim tore (*cough*Icutit*cough*), so I had to pin it. You actually can't tell when it's on me. The little ball of fluff on the bottom left of the photo is my dog's paw. Aww!
The craftiness continued yesterday when I tried out yet another shade of red -- this one Feria's Copper Shimmer -- of my hair. As long as it fades pretty, I think this one's a winner.
And proof that I can, indeed, touch my nose with my tongue:

I hope you all had half as great a weekend as I did!


Hollyrocks said...

The skirt you made was so cute on you, and I didn't realize you had made it to wear for your appearances. Very smooth thinking!

You look freaking beautiful in those last two pictures, I am so jealous of those bright blue eyes. And you're still hot even while making silly faces, no fair!!

Anonymous said...

great hair color!!

Natasha said...

Dude, we use the exact same hair color...sshh...I won't tell anyone if you won't. =)

Heather said...

you guys look so stylish! Im glad we got to make an appearance ;)
Hey, did the post cards come today? Im so anxious to see how they turned out!!

Brigid said...

Holly -- Aww, thanks, doll! You're too sweet.

Andrea -- Thank you!

Natasha -- Haha, that's really funny. Being a redhead and so much more fun than being a brunette.

Heather -- I'm glad you were able to bring your little cutie with you! Thanks for all your work on the postcards, too.

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