Friday, March 27, 2009

Cake in a mug?

I've had a lingering migraine for the past week. I've been able to control it for the most part with prescription and OTC drugs, but it was particularly vicious last night. I decided that I needed a treat. After seeing Funkybella's post from yesterday, I decided to try out a chocolate cake in a mug. I followed her recipe, and the result was surprisingly not weird. I think I'd add some cinnamon next time, but overall I'm now a fan of the three-minute cake. On a rainy, icky day like it is here in Tulsa, it would be a great treat.

Since I didn't bring the ingredients to work with me, I plan to venture out in the rain for a giant baked potato that will (hopefully) be swimming in a sea of cheese, butter and sour cream. My aching head always demands something along these lines, and I so hate to disappoint it.


Funkybella said...

So glad you liked it!
Sadly, I can't make it myself; we're out of cocoa...and milk...and almost everything else. Hmm, I sense a grocery run this weekend.

Estela said...

cake in a mug? Yes please!!

Gemma Mortlock said...

Mmmmm in a mug here i come!!!

[Tara] said...

Oh my goodness, the ease of this recipe could be quite dangerous for me!!! I hope you are feeling better!

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