Friday, March 13, 2009

Month 3

The current EtsyBloggers blog carnival is either the subject or spring or a check-in March is already the third month of the year, so what have I accomplished on my goals for 2009? Hmm . . . let us investigate.

My main goal for 2009 was to introduce a new line of products, mainly my bath and body stuff. That's the shorthand for my body scrubs and washcloths. I hadn't intended to do this before the spring craft shows, so I'm still technically on schedule there. I did list my first potholder, and though it's not a bath item, it's still along the same lines. I consider that an accomplishment.

Another major goal was to make a consignment inquiry by the end of March. Well, that's fast approaching. I better get to work!

I also decided I must buy a new computer, and we did: success!

And a final, very important goal was completing my taxes by myself. Right now, my amended forms (don't ask!) are signed but not quite sealed or delivered. I just need to write a couple of checks and put in copies of my W-2s, then I'll be done with that as well. I will definitely have them sent off before the end of the month.

So, that's my progress. I think I'm doing pretty well, though I could use some new jewelry inventory. I foresee a busy April!

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