Monday, March 2, 2009

I want you

I had a traumatic day (i.e. got my blood drawn for a medical test), so I'm consoling myself by searching Etsy. Here are 12 of my favorite items at the moment:

I hope you enjoyed!


Heather said...

Im sorry you were traumatized! Thats no fun :( I see an Alice in Wonderland theme in your treasury...
PS: dont you just love Oklahoma outlaws?

Adrian said...

Oooh! I *heart* aorta! Wish I had somewhere to wear some of her fun pieces :)

Brigid said...

Heather -- I'm a big Alice fan! Oklahoma outlaws are so interesting. We have another family story about my great-great (?) grandfather staying the night with Belle Starr's parents.

Adrian -- I just discovered Aorta on another blog. That skirt must be mine! I'll totally wear it to work.

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