Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Computing and organizing

Sometime next week, we will be the proud new owners of this:

Yep, it's one of the just-redesigned, 24" iMacs! Our current desktop is 10 years old and would very much like to be put out of its misery. Grey purchased the sad old dude in a former life, one well before he met me. When he bought the beast, I was 14 years old! Clearly, it's time for an update. We decided to go for it and buy something we'd really love. Neither of us have owned a Mac before, so this will be an interesting learning experience for us. The thing that excites me the most is iWeb -- yep, I'll finally get to launch my Web site, a year after I bought the domain. We're both so excited for this fancy pants machine to arrive. How will we ever wait until next week? :)

I also decided recently that I'm nowhere near organized enough in my personal or professional life. My solution: to buy a day planner. Some boring old thing from Staples wouldn't do, so I turned to Etsy, of course. Meet my new companion from Oh Pangaea Books:

She's beautiful! Check out the gorgeous cover. ::insert objectifying whistle::

And there she is in action, covered in my scribbles. If you look closely, you'll note the month is written in four different languages, and Italian comes first! It was meant to be. In case you're curious, the other languages are English, French and German, respectively. I carry the little dear in my purse and writer things in her when they arise. The only problem is that I'm now convinced I should only use my blue pen (that has black ink) because they match so well. See?

However, I'm too worried about losing the pen, so I keep it at work. Every time I mark down an appointment or to-do list using the green one in my purse or the orange one on my desk, I feel so improper. How darned silly is that?


Betty Refour said...

wish i was getting a new computer and the journal looks great.

Brigid said...

We need one so much! I have to do all my business stuff from my day job because ours can't handle any use.

Estela said...

macs are amazing! I'm so glad you are switching over! how exciting! haha

Loving the new planner!

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