Monday, March 30, 2009

Featured EtsyBlogger: DesignByNora

The Blogger of the Month for the EtsyBloggers Team is DesignByNora! She is a wonderful team member who is unendingly supportive of the team and each member. Nora took it upon herself to do tons of updates on the team message board, and she's always an active participant.

In addition, she sells some lovely items in her Etsy shop! She makes adorable polymer clay stud earrings. This pair is probably my favorite:

Aren't they sweet? She also sells lovely leather purses and belts made by her uncle.

Now go support Nora by reading her blog and looking through her store!

1 comment:

[Tara] said...

I really love these earrings! I have a thing for little flower studs. So sweet!

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