Monday, November 3, 2008

Challenge: do something every day

Starting today, my good friend JD of JDStar's Handwoven Bracelets is challenging herself to weave something every day for a whole year. You can read JD's blog -- and see pictures of her weaving -- right here. She invited her blog readers to take part by picking something to do every day, and I've decided to start today with her. My challenge: take a picture for the next 365 days. It can be of anything: an item for my Etsy store, a family photo, something pretty in nature, or whatever else strikes my fancy. I just have to do it every day. I will try to post the pictures every day, too, but if I have to lump a few together, that will be OK. What will today's subject be? You'll find out soon.

Wanna join the challenge? I'd love to know what you will choose to do. Please leave me a comment letting me know.


[Tara] said...

The photo a day is such a great idea...I have also thought of writing down one thing every day I am grateful for, for a year. Maybe I will start today!

Brigid said...

That's a really good idea. I did a list of 100 things I'm grateful for once. It was challenging but wonderful.

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