Monday, November 10, 2008

A very Girlie adventure

Last Friday and Saturday brought The Girlie Show to Oklahoma City. I've heard nothing but raves about it, so I decided to make the trek on the second day. OKC is an hour and a half from Tulsa and $7 total in toll fees. Lame, I know, but Mom and I were feeling dedicated -- mostly to shopping. First, we stopped at Lido Restaurant in the Asian District for green beans in garlic sauce (hers with beef, mine meat-free, of course). Then we turned our attention to the task at hand: buying way too much stuff at The Girlie Show.

(Click on pictures for a larger image.) It was held in the Farmers Public Market, which dates back to 1928. The building is fabulous and will be the site of Deluxe on December 6. Talent was oozing from the seams. There were jewelry makers, silk screeners, painters, sculptors (well, really just the one), and everything in between. I ended up buying a gorgeous pendant etched in wood and painted by Pamela Michelle (booth is below, left) and a sassy, fused glass ring from Funky Chic Studio (below, right).

That's my mom in the pink/red shirt buying a pendant from Funky Chic Studio. To help me mourn the huge chunk of change I'll lose this week to brake service on Esmee (my Mazda3 hatchback), Mom bought me a couple of gorgeous clothing items from Harrilu of the Dallas Craft Mafia. I've not been able to photograph what I bought, so I'll do a separate post later with all the goodies.

After we shopped ourselves nearly penniless, Mom was craving a pastry, so we began searching for a bakery. We failed to find one still open, but near Brown's Bakery was the Grateful Bean Cafe, which boasted homemade ice cream. We decided that was close enough. As I wrote in my last post, the Grateful Bean is inside the old Kaiser's Ice Cream Parlor, which dates back to 1917. The original location of Kaiser's opened in 1910, but they moved locations seven years later. The Grateful Bean retains the charm and appeal of a turn-of-the-century soda fountain.

Check out the groovy neon sign. On the right, the awesome, mustachioed man makes my Broadway Ice Cream Soda. My mom had a hot fudge sundae.

The ice cream was unbelievable, the fudge sauce was almost black, and the whipped cream was fluffy and vanilla-flavored. We were quite pleased -- and quite messy. So, how much did we enjoy our treats?

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