Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gotta keep it presidential

To celebrate the Election Eve, Grey and I went to see W. I liked the movie a great deal, and in general I would call it an even-handed portrayal of our lame-duck president. It didn't glorify him, but it didn't damn him either. The portrait you get is of a misguided young man who wants to please his father and do right by his faith and belief, but he lacks the direction and motivation to do so on his own. He overcomes his own demons -- specifically alcohol and drug abuse -- to succeed, but he still cannot escape other aspects of his personality and those of the people he surrounds himself with. Whether you love Bush or hate him, you'll come out of the film with a more interesting idea of him. I have never been a Bush supporter; I supported Gore in 2000 and Kerry (as a third choice) in 2004. Still, W. made me have a little more compassion for both Presidents Bush, even if I still vehemently disagree with their politics.

Now Election Day is upon us. Grey and I will cast our ballots during our lunch hour. This is the second presidential election for which I'm old enough to vote, but this will be the first one I've done in person. In 2004, I was a junior in college in California, so I voted absentee. I'm looking forward to completing my arrows (warning: PDF) and making my voice heard (even if I know many will not go my way).
In conclusion, I will now share with you my photos of the day for yesterday and today.

Sully is not interested in politics ever since Kucinich dropped out. He was the only one who spoke out for animal rights. On an unrelated note, this picture also answers the age-old question, Does the dog match the carpet? Wait, that is the question, right? ;)

Here's today's election-inspired photo. It's a reminder that you hold the fate of this country in your hands. Go out there and vote!

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