Monday, November 17, 2008

Garage Sale Recap

Well, Saturday's Holiday Rock N' Roll Garage Sale was not a huge financial success for me, but it was fun -- and LOUD! The last band, Colourmusic, was quite awesome, and I had a good time hanging out with JD, Stela, Claudia, my new friend Heather, and of course my beloved man. Here are a few shots:

(Click on photos for a larger view. I'm trying not to overwhelm my readers with giant photos!) The first one is Grey being a sexy salesman. He's actually really good at getting me sales. On the right is me. Check out my displays in action. I'm really happy with them.

Here's a fun side view of my teeny table. On the right is the display I "made" for my Yo Yo Pendants, rings, and barrettes. It's the little trunk I got from Hobby Lobby filled with white rice. I love it! The best part is that everything gets a little jumbled in transport, so you get to dig for buried treasure trying to set things up. :)

On the left is the lovely JD getting things set up. I love her little Christmas tree and, of course, her gorgeous displays. She was right across from me. On the right is Heather of To the 9's, my neighbor to the left. She's a relative newbie to the craft-selling scene, and I think she's off to a great start!

Here's Claudia with her table. I didn't manage to get a shot of her Green Line bags, but they are lovely -- little bags made from T-shirts. So environmentally friendly! On the right, she's burning wood. It gave off such a nice smell, and I swear I felt warmer when she had the burner out! Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of Stela, but you can see her recap on her blog.

And lastly, I give you the absolute coolest sale attendee -- this tiny child dressed as Winnie the Pooh. I don't know who he/she is, but he/she is my hero! (EDIT: I've just been informed that this adorable wee one is the daughter of Nicole Moan of Ceramic Corsets by Nicole Moan. That explains her awesomeness!)

All in all, I guess the garage sale wasn't really my venue. I did sell one of my favorite pieces -- the Gilded Leaves Necklace -- and hand out a good number of business cards. I definitely enjoyed hanging out with my Oklahomies and meeting new people. I didn't end up selling any rings or rosaries, but they got by far the most compliments. I'll have to list more of them soon.


Estela said...

The little winnie the pooh was a little girl and they were selling right behind us! I think her name was Estrella because the mom called her name and I turned around because I thought she was talking to me! She was adorable

Heather Chapman said...

It was so great to meet you, I'm going to link you on my blog:

I need to post my pics and recap soon! Please tell Grey thank you again for holding down my shop too!

sweetheartville said...

Your stuff looks great, Brigid! I wish the day had been more profitable for everyone though.

Brigid said...

Stela -- Aww, what a great name! I wanted to take her home with me.

Heather -- I'm glad you found my blog! I'm "following" yours now. It was nice to set up next to you.

Holly -- Thank you! I've been working on displays for a while now, and I'm just now starting to feel happy with everything.

[Tara] said...

Brigid -- Wish I could have made it, but I was in Nashville...Colourmusic is excellent!

Brigid said...

Tara -- I hope you had fun on your trip! You should try to make it to Deluxe on December 6 also in OKC. It should be fantastic!

Heather Chapman said...

I stole this pic of me for my blog, hope thats ok....

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