Friday, November 7, 2008

Photos of the Day #4 and #5

Here is yesterday's photo of the day:
I was feeling goofy and wanted to do a self portrait of some kind at my desk. Somehow, that evolved into me taking a picture of myself while reading my own blog. Ooo! So many levels. :P Behind me, you can see my black Klean Kanteen. I love that little dude.

And today's photo:That's the view out my window at work. Well, that's the view from my furthest-right window. I have three. The others mostly overlook the building. This is the one I look through the most. Keep in mind I'm quite short, so I really only see the parking lot when I stand up. Generally, it's just the sky and top of the buildings.

I hope to take more exciting pictures this weekend. Tomorrow, Mom and I are hitting The Girlie Show in Oklahoma City. I can't wait!

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