Monday, November 24, 2008

Weak weekend

Last Saturday was a craft fair at Centennial Middle School in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. This was the worst show for us Craft Mafia ladies to date -- at least since I've been involved. Sales were really bad, and there weren't even very many lookers. The people who did the best were the multi-level marketing folks with the Silpada, Avon, etc. Too bad. I thought our booth looked great. See?

Everything, minus Tara's clothes rack, which went against the table on the far left. Here's my stuff:
Do you see the cuteness of the banner? Crazy people not buying our awesome wares. I'm sure our show was affected by An Affair of the Heart that was happening in Tulsa. For those readers not from Oklahoma, An Affair of the Heart is one of those country-kitschy shows that takes place in our expo center/fairgrounds. Most stuff -- probably 90% -- is not handmade, though shoppers tend to assume it is. It's basically the bane of most local artists' existences. I've even heard stories of friends picking up stuff from the show called handmade that had a big ol' "made in China" sticker on the bottom. Not cool, bro. I don't detract from the show itself, but I hate that people think it's handmade.
Anyway, the show was still fun because I got to hang out with some lovely ladies plus Tara's beautiful baby boy. He's my best friend now. Plus, I cheered myself up Sunday with this amazing $.50 ring. Bask in its glory:

Will you Mary me? (I can hear you laughing!)

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