Monday, November 3, 2008

Show and tell!

Oh friends, I finally have all the pieces of a working camera. Hurray! I lost my replacement battery charger (yes, replacement) a month or so ago. I was unexcited to spend $40 to replace it, but I finally decided to bite the bullet Saturday morning. (It didn't help that I woke up three hours before my boyfriend and didn't have anything else to do.) I'm so glad I did. I also picked up a second memory stick just in case and got my oil changed, which is mostly unrelated to this post. The result: I have pictures to share! Pictures galore! So as not to bombard you, we'll start with a "What I Did This Weekend" post.

First came Halloween. These were all taken with the disposable camera, which is kinda obvious.

Above is me in my Dorothy costume (ruby slippers not visible); my dad with a bow on his head; and my siblings -- Kaity as pumpkin head, Sarah as a witch, and Jacob as a ninja.

Here we have Sarah opening her presents from me, Jacob covered in allergen-free chocolate, and him again striking a ninja pose.

Then was the ballet, which we moved to Saturday in order for my love to have time to heal. Check out my fancy dress:
Oooooooo, the hotness is too much to bear! ;)

This dress was made by Shannon Mulkey of Patina. Check her out.

Here are some shots of me walking Sully this weekend:

And if Halloween wasn't scary enough for you . . . Dun dun DUN!

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